Face to Face in Jerusalem

by the Reverend Philip West

Face to Face in Jerusalem   is a series of monologues based on characters who met Jesus in the last year of his life before the crucifixion. Videos of the scripts being read will be posted on the Deanery Facebook Page. There are 20 of these, originally written for my church in Sheffield 15 years ago.  One will appear each day for six days, and then two each day for seven days. Each will come as two files: one containing the monologue scripts, picture, Bible reading, ideas for reflection, and prayer; the other containing background notes and further Bible reading. There's a lot of material. I expect most of you to select simply what's helpful to you. All PDF files will be linked below but, f you would like to be added to the e-mail circulation list to receive them directly, send a message using the Contact page.

1. The Money Changer and his Wife  and also  1. Notes and Prayers

2. Mary of Bethany  along with  2. Notes and Prayers

3. Judas Iscariot  and  3. Notes and Prayers

4. James, a lesson in humility,  and  4. Notes and Prayers

5. Caiaphas, the potential dark side of standing up for your beliefs,  and  5. Notes and Prayers

6. The Serving Woman, human drama at its fiercest,  and  6. Notes and Prayers

7. Peter, deep regret at deep failure, unaware of the deep forgiveness on its way,  and  7. Notes and Prayers

8. Pilate's Wife. Has pride ever stopped you finding freedom?  Also  8. Notes and Prayers

9. Pontius Pilate. Two rulers who both failed Jesus ...  with  9. Notes and Prayers

10. King Herod. ... In their shoes would I have done any better?  with  10. Notes and Prayers

11. Soldiers Crucifying Jesus. Does everyone have a heart? We certainly all have a soul,  and  11. Notes and Prayers

12. Trialogue between Three Weeping Women Following Jesus as he carries the cross, speaking from their hearts,  and  12. Notes and Prayers

13. The Two Thieves, a dialogue based even more on guesswork than the other monologues, because we know so little about them, but in pain we often hit out at others or are sunk in regret,  and  13. Notes and Prayers

14. Mary, the Mother of Jesus, experiencing the "sword that shall pierce your heart" that Simeon had prophesied,  and  14. Notes and Prayers

15. The Soldier with the Spear, a monologue confirming the death of Jesus,  and  15. Notes and Prayers

16. The Centurion Have you ever had your eyes suddenly opened?  With  16. Notes and Prayers

17. Joseph of Arimathea, one of the first to be changed by "surveying the wondrous cross"? Have you ever had your eyes suddenly opened?  With  17. Notes and Prayers

18. John the Apostle, who seems to have been closest to Jesus of the Twelve and therefore possibly hit hardest by his death,  and  18. Notes and Prayers

19. Mary Magdalene and Mary the Mother of Joses. We too easily forget the key role of women in the life of Jesus and at the Cross,  and  19. Notes and Prayers

20. The Tomb Guard, with time to reflect on who Jesus was,  and  20. Notes and Prayers