Service Rota

With the ending of Plan B Covid restrictions on Thursday 27th January, the formal legal requirements regarding church services no longer apply. See Coronavirus (COVID-19) guidance for churches for an explanation of the current situation and regular updates. How we proceed now depends on the congregations of our individual churches. In general, in the Benefice, we are aware that Covid is still with us, and we are inclined to be cautious. If keeping our distance and wearing a face covering allows others to feel safer, we will probably choose to stay with it. Communion in both kinds is now allowed, though we recognise the danger of virus transmission, and those who prefer only to receive the bread will be given that option.
If there is no service in the local church, our policy in the Benefice is that everyone is welcome everywhere. If you need transport to get to a service, let us know.

Services in May

With only two full-time clergy, communion services will tend to be limited within the Benefice to one on each Sunday. We hope in due course to develop additional lay-led non-Eucharistic services. For some congregations, this is still at the planning stage. Ideas welcome! You see below what is already planned. Please check your church notice board, the South Holderness Deanery Facebook Page, and newsletters for other services and updates.

Deanery Ascension Day Service

Thursday 26th May 7pm  at All Saints, Burstwick

St Nicholas, Keyingham

Sunday 29th  10.30  United Benefice Holy Communion

St Patrick, Patrington

Sunday 1st  10.30  Morning Prayer

Sunday 8th  10.30  Morning Prayer

Sunday 15th  10.30  Healing Service

Sunday 22nd  10.30  Morning Prayer

Sunday 29th  10.30  United Benefice Holy Communion at Keyingham

All Saints, Easington

Sunday 1st  9.30  Holy Communion

Sunday 15th  9.30  Morning Prayer

St Wilfrid, Ottringham

Sunday 8th  10.30  Holy Communion

St Mary, Welwick

Sunday 15th  9.30  Holy Communion

St Germain, Winestead

Sunday 22nd  10.30  Book of Common Prayer Holy Communion