Service Rota

Formal restrictions to public worship involving mask wearing, distancing, numbers allowed no longer apply in law, though we are urged to continue to be cautious in view of the continuing spread of the virus. See Coronavirus (COVID-19) guidance for churches on the Church of England web site for further information and regular updates. For the time being, in the churches within the Benefice, we are tending to keep to mask wearing and distancing. Things may return closer to normal when people feel more at ease with the situation.
If there is no service in the local church, our policy in the Benefice is that everyone is welcome everywhere. If you need transport to get to a service, let us know.

Services in December

Sunday 5th December

10.30 Holy Communion at Ottringham

Sunday 12th December

10.30 Holy Communion

Sunday 19th December

10.30 Holy Communion at Ottringham

Friday 24th December, Christmas Eve

5.30pm Christingle

11.30pm Holy Communion

Saturday 25th December, Christmas Day

10.30 Holy Communion at Ottringham

Sunday 26th December

10.30 Benefice Holy Communion at Patrington

Services in January awaiting decisions
Provisional planning anticipates services at Keyingham on the 9th and 23rd , at Ottringham on the 2nd and 16th , with a Benefice Service to be arranged for the 30th .

Services at the Other Churches in the Benefice