Service Rota

If there is no service in the local church, our policy in the Benefice is that everyone is welcome everywhere. If you need transport to come to a service, let us know.

Services in February

Page in progress: most services are there but more may be added!
Please check your church notice board, the South Holderness Deanery Facebook Page, and newsletters for other services and updates.

Morning Prayer
with space for everyone to pray for what is on our hearts, either out loud or silently:

Monday 11.30am

19th February Paull

26th February Keyingham

4th March Thorngumbald

Tuesday 9am

20th February Hilston

27th February Tunstall

5th March Burton Pidsea

Wednesday 9am

21st February Roos

28th February Halsham

6th March Patrington

Thursday 10am

22nd February Sproatley

29th February Humbleton

7th March Humbleton

Friday 9am

23rd February Welwick

30th February Holmpton

8th March Hollym

St Nicholas, Keyingham

Sunday 25th  9.30am – Holy Communion

St Wilfrid, Ottringham

Sunday 18th 11.00am – Holy Communion

St Patrick, Patrington

Sunday 11th  11.00am – Holy Communion

All Saints, Roos

Sunday 11th  9.30am  – Morning Prayer

Sunday 18th  9.30am  – Holy Communion

Sunday 25th  9.30am  – Morning Prayer

All Saints, Halsham

Sunday 18th 9.30am – Holy Communion

St Mary, Welwick

Sunday 4th   11.00am – Holy Communion

All Saints, Easington

Sunday 11th   9.00am – Holy Communion

Sunday 18th   3.00pm – Tea Party Service

St Lawrence, Elsternwick

Sunday 11th 3.00pm – Evening Prayer

Sunday 18th 8.30am – Morning Prayer

Sunday 25th 3.00pm – Holy Communion

St Mary, Thorngumbald

Sunday 11th 10.00am – Morning Prayer

Sunday 18th 11.00am – Holy Communion

St Peter & St Paul, Burton Pidsea

Sunday 11th 9.30am – Holy Communion

Sunday 18th 2.00pm – Baptism

All Saints, Tunstall

Sunday 25th 9.00am – Holy Communion

St Nicholas, Hollym

Sunday 18th 9.30am – Holy Communion

St Nicholas, Holmpton

Sunday 4th 9.30am – Holy Communion

St Michael, Garton

Sunday 4th 9.30am – Morning Prayer

Sunday 11th 3.00pm – Holy Communion

St Margaret, Hilston

Sunday 4th 3.00pm – Holy Communion

All Saints, Preston

Sunday 11th 11.00am – Holy Communion

Sunday 18th 11.00am – Morning Prayer

Sunday 25th 11.00am – Morning Prayer with the Methodist Church

St Swithin, Sproatley

Sunday 4th 9.30am – Holy Communion

Sunday 18th 10.00am – Morning Prayer

Sunday 25th 10.00am – Morning Prayer

St Andrew, Paull

Sunday 25th 11.00am – Morning Prayer