Thought for the Day

Sunday 27th September

Feeling starved of art owing to the lockdown, I have just visited the local art gallery, all very safely socially distanced and controlled. It was intensely pleasant to stroll through the familiar galleries with very few people about, lingering over old favourites or paintings that caught my eye for the first time. I was sitting where I could see two of the most arresting paintings when I noticed two young men having a pointed conversation about one of them. I asked if they were art students. One of them is, and the other one is about to start university to study medicine. I had an enjoyable brief chat with them about the two paintings, and about people’s approach to students and coronavirus. I thanked them for talking to me, expressed my sincere approval for the subjects they were studying, and for the commendable approach they were, as young people, taking to the restrictions, and I promised to pray for them. I was left with an impression of two immensely well mannered, capable, and sensible young men. With such people as that, there is huge hope for our future.
Stay safe,
Every blessing

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