Thought for the Day

Friday 26th February

Last year I planted new Spring and Summer bulbs, without recording what I placed where. So the recent appearance of a large pure white crocus was a delightful surprise. Those cheery little flowers always remind me of Nick, a faithful church member and supportive friend. Aged 63, Nick was struck by an aortic aneurism. He fought for his life for two months before he succumbed to infection, when he let of his life as a man at peace with the world and with his God. A successful businessman, he had also seen great pain, including seeing hIs second son dying in his 20s from cancer, and his wife dying just a few years before his aneurism. Yet Nick’s faith had not wavered, nor his exemplary commitment to his church. As churchwarden he maintained a constant cheery attitude to all, and never failed to get stuck into practical work: giving many lifts, and frequently greeting all and sundry while working in the churchyard, where a year before he died he planted white croci to line a path. Each spring, they became a memorial to him, and to that cheerful faith which is such a powerful witness to the world.

Stay safe,
Every blessing

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