Thought for the Day

Sunday 16th May

I was in the city and spent time sitting looking over the estuary next to the statue commemorating the 2.2 million migrants who, between 1836 and 1914 stopped there on their way from Northern Europe to America, seeking new life. The statue is of a father, looking ahead, scanning the horizon, a mother shepherding a toddler, and a small lad playing with a crab, their possessions in a small trunk, hat box, and little else. The estuary that the sculptor had imagined had brought them, and the hundreds of thousands of others who actually did travel that journey, was looking mostly grey: grey water, grey sky, decidedly cold and uninviting. It struck me that this is exactly what many of life’s passageways are like: cold, grey uninviting times, or even black, stormy and dangerous, but the very nature of those times of life can turn them into passageways, when we allow them to drive us forward to new life. Problems, difficulties, pain of any sort, can become opportunities for travel, sometimes literally to new places, often to new ways of looking at life, new careers, new ways of spending our time, a different way to approach people or God Himself.

Stay safe
Every blessing

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