Thought for the Day

Saturday 11th July

The feast day of Benedict of Nursia, Abbot of Monte Cassino, regarded as the Father of Western Monasticism. Benedict lived from about 480 to 550 AD. By this time monasticism was a valuable asset in the East. Benedict’s achievement was to introduce it into Italy whence it spread throughout the Western church. He organised his disciples into groups under the charge of an Abbot. He wrote an important Rule for his order, which was flexible, but based on the crucial framework of liturgical prayer, manual work, and sacred reading. The monasteries that resulted from this creative and powerful formula often became centres of learning, agriculture, hospitality and medicine. Nowadays, with much of their work taken over by the secular organisations, people may question the value of monasteries today, and sadly, it has become the habit of some to ridicule and criticise religions orders. But one day, the colossal contribution they have made to global learning and flourishing will be understood. We should treat them with the honour and respect they deserve, and if we ever have the opportunity to take a retreat at a monastery we should seize it, because it can be life changing.
Stay safe,
Every blessing

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